Albuquerque show canceled

The Albuquerque show has been canceled. More info to follow.


9 Responses to “Albuquerque show canceled”

  1. Eric Flores on April 12th, 2009

    Man, I have to say that this is the biggest disappointment I have had this year. I really hope that you guys are ok, and that you are planning to reschedule the show in albuquerque. I am a father of two and dont get alot of time for myself, this was to be my mini-vacation for the year. Hell, I was leaving my kids on Easter sunday to drive three hours to see you guys and never even thought twice about it. Maybe I am selfish, but if you have kids, then you know that every once in awhile you have to treat yourself to the things you love. Regardless, I remain a loyal and devoted fan.. Dont forget about us!!!!!


  2. Devon Gijsbers on April 12th, 2009

    Please come to Albuquerque. Please. I’ve been looking forward to this concert for months. We all have. Your music means so much to me. Please.

  3. Daniel Boatsman on April 12th, 2009

    When I called last night, The Launchpad seemed to be unaware they’re not playing tonight. I have guests from California and Washington who flew in for they show, and we’re all wondering what’s going on, especially after that twitter from Abilene. I hope all is well with the band, and the show will get rescheduled.

  4. frank D on April 13th, 2009

    same here disappointment, but we all have our reasons….don’t forget us on the return trip back………

  5. Lolita on April 13th, 2009

    Yes! We didn’t know till we drove all the way to Launchpad tonight and were so bummed! Have been looking forward to this show for a long time. Please reschedule!!!

  6. Kent on April 13th, 2009

    Lots of fans disappointed here. Albuquerque tends to get passed over a lot when bands tour, so we were thrilled when the show was scheduled and sad when it was canceled.

    Please try to find a date here that will work for you.


  7. Matias on April 13th, 2009

    We were looking forward to this show and what a disapointment. I hope you are all well and have a return date in the future. Also if you can try not to make it on a family holiday!!

  8. Gabe on April 14th, 2009

    Family first always! Us Albuquerque fans send our thoughts and prayers to you guys and your families.

    We’d love to see you back here at some time though if possible. God bless.

  9. Kent on July 4th, 2009

    JUST HEARD about the July 11 date!

    THANKS guys for coming through – looks like a grueling couple of weeks!