Vaden Lewis (Vocals, Guitar), Mark Reznicek (Drums), Clark Vogeler (Guitar), Doni Blair (Bass)


“Who wants Toadies to change? Communists–that’s who.” -ALTERNATIVE PRESS

Born out of the 90s alternative rock scene, Toadies of Fort Worth, Texas burst into the music scene with their debut album, Rubberneck, which went platinum on the strength of two smash singles “Possum Kingdom” and “Tyler.” The album hit #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart and went on to spend 49 weeks on the Billboard 200. The songs on Rubberneck are fearless, literate and visceral. Certainly, they’re not your average, accessible radio fodder “We didn’t even have singles in mind,” drummer Mark Reznicek says. “Or the idea of even possibly getting on the radio. We didn’t think that would ever happen.” But “Possum Kingdom” remains a radio staple even today – and it’s because raw expression makes for the most powerful art.

“When it comes to twitchy, psychotic rock, Toadies remain the band to beat.” -BOSTON GLOBE

Rubberneck’s staying power breeds new fans to go along with the Toadies’ cult like early adopters, whose faith never flagged even as the band struggled to release new music. When their would-be second album languished on the label shelf, they circulated demos and bought tickets. Even when a different second album, 2001’s Hell Below/Stars Above, fared poorly and the Toadies broke up, the fans’ steadfast evangelism continued. A one-off show in 2006 became a full-fledged reunion. The Toadies have since steadily built momentum. A third album, No Deliverance, came in 2008 and saw the band playing Lollapalooza and ACL. Toadies have been active ever since, continually releasing records and touring since 2008.

“Vaden Todd Lewis simply scorches.” -SPIN

Today the Toadies – and their magnum opus – are stronger than ever. And being recently remastered Rubberneck is an even more striking listen. Three of the reissue’s bonus tracks are from the original Rubberneck recording session. The other rarities, Pre Rubberneck-era live takes of “Possum Kingdom” and “Tyler” from 1991 are snapshots of a band in original form.

“The Toadies – my favorite band of all time. Anything about rock swagger I learned from them.”-KELLY CLARKSON


An Album as Untamed as Texas. Well-known Texas musicians and rising stars pay tribute to classic Texas tunes that showcase the untamed spirit found only in Texas music.

“Possum Kingdom” by Ryan Bingham

“Possum Kingdom” is the second single for the highly anticipated Texas Wild album performed by Ryan Bingham and The Texas Gentlemen. Originally by Texas natives Toadies, the single is available on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.



  • 25 years after Rubberneck reached platinum status, “Possum Kingdom” remains a staple at rock, alternative, hit and now classic rock radio with over 600 spins a week.
  • Fan favorites “I Come From The Water”, “Tyler” and “Away” are recurrents at rock and alternative.
  • “Possum Kingdom” is featured on Guitar Hero 2.
  • England’s highly respected NME included “Possum Kingdom” in their A History Of Rock’N’Roll In 100 Riffs right along with Johnny Cash, Beatles, Stones, The Who, Fleetwood Mac, Queen Ramones, The Smiths, Metallica, Rage, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Muse, and White Stripes.
  • This season of the VOICE featured a segment with Kelly Clarkson singing along to “Possum Kingdom.”
  • St Vincent covered a song for a Sirius XMU acoustic session.
  • Ultimate Guitar named Rubberneck one of the Top 10 Grunge albums that survived the ’00’s.
  • Rubberneck also made Rolling Stone’s ’50 Greatest Grunge Albums’ as well as their list for 1994: The 40 Best Records From Mainstream Alternative’s Greatest Year.
  • TV shows from The Midnight Club, This is Us to For All Mankind on Apple + have included Rubberneck tracks.
  • Robotman in Season 2 of Doom Patrol wears a vintage Toadies shirt.
  • Girl Talk’s ‘This is the Remix’ sampled ‘Possum Kingdom’
  • Marvel Comics features the band in two X-Men comics Add pick of Marvel cover with toadies
  • NY Times and USA Today best selling author Xio Axelrod’s latest novel The Girl With the Stars in Her Eyes has the main Character’s band cover Toadies ‘I Burn’ off Rubberneck.
  • Vaden Lewis has also done his own series of lyric comics including ‘Tyler’ and ‘I Burn’ (due out this August.)
  • Toadies have released 5 craft beer collaborations with Martin House Brewing including Rubberneck Red, Hell Below, Stars Above, PK Pilsner and Bockslider.
  • Toadies have released two signature coffees with Full City Rooster; Texas Pecan and Dark Secret.
  • Toadies have collaborated with Texas High Country on a THC edible, “I Come From The Watermelon.”


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