Alternative Press Review of No Deliverance

Toadies are often unfairly lumped in with repressed memories of mid-90s alt-rock has-beens like Spacehog and Stroke 9. But they should be lumped with Harvey Danger and Eels as a band who withstood one-hit wonderdom and built a small, dedicated following. No Deliverance, their first studio album since 2001, really isn’t any different from anything else they’ve done (sounding–I swear–like a less angry Every Time I Die), but who wants Toadies to change? Communists–that’s who. [TJK]

Alternative Press Nov. 08

Alternative Press Nov. 08


One Response to “Alternative Press Review of No Deliverance”

  1. maura on October 29th, 2008

    Fan from wayyy back – glad you are coming to Boston.
    I am an avid amateur Photographer and would like an opportunity to shoot some photos while you are in town – even during your live appearance at NEWBURY COMICS.