Quarantine Coloring Book

Toadies “Broke Down….Bored” Quarantine Coloring Book

Staying home and staying safe can get boring so we are bringing you the first ever, and only, Toadies coloring book. Each Tuesday we will release 5 pages of art from our “Broke Down Stupid” video. Dallas artist Clay Stinnett did the original drawings and Devin Ensz then brought those images to life. Now it’s your turn. Download them each week.

Color them and then post using the tag #ToadiesBrokeDownBored.

You Are Not Alone Video

“I first heard this Jeff Tweedy song about 2 weeks ago. It was a live performance of Tweedy with Mavis Staples, and it felt like it had been written for this very moment, when we can’t hug our friends or even some of our family. I immediately wanted to cover this song so I could help deliver the message that ‘you are not alone” Vaden Todd Lewis/Toadies. Drummer Mark Reznicek adds: “We would like to extend some small measure of hope and solidarity with this song. We’re all in this together, and you are not alone.” Guitarist and award-winning editor Clark Vogeler captured the session, showing the band recording from their homes in Texas to California. You Are Not Alone written by Jeff Tweedy.

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