Los Angeles and San Francisco Canceled

Our Los Angeles and San Francisco shows have been canceled due to a death in the family. We will do our best to re-schedule these shows.


9 Responses to “Los Angeles and San Francisco Canceled”

  1. AC on April 14th, 2009

    That sucks. My prayers are with you guys, hope to see you back on the road soon!

  2. Matias on April 14th, 2009

    I hope you guy’s are alright and my heart goes out to you!!

  3. Jorge on April 14th, 2009

    My heart and prayers are with you. God bless.

  4. James on April 14th, 2009

    Best wishes to yall and the family. Hope everything goes well.

  5. Norm Lane on April 14th, 2009

    You guys take care. Sorry to hear about this sad news 🙁

  6. mari on April 15th, 2009

    my thoughts go out to you guys!

  7. special ed on April 16th, 2009

    you guys better reschedule. and sorry to hear about your loss.

  8. Mendocino on April 18th, 2009

    Guys, I’m sorry you had to cancel, and I’m really sorry for the emergency. If you come back to sf after May 15, please come to the coast for a night or 2.

    Be well,

  9. davy on May 4th, 2009

    According to El Rey’s website, the show has been rescheduled for July 17th.