Toadies Drummer Mark Reznicek Announces Comic Book

BuzzKill #1

BuzzKill #1

Toadies drummer Mark Reznicek has co-created a comic book! BUZZKILL is about a superhero who gets his powers from drinking alcohol and doing drugs. This 4-issue series is published by Dark Horse Comics, and issue #1 is available NOW at comic shops and better book stores. Issue #2 will be on sale October 16.

Reviews of Buzzkill have been amazing! Here are just a few:

“Buzzkill is not only ‘different’ than what I’m used to from the world of superheroes, but its wholly original and pretty much unlike anycomic book I’ve ever read. I can’t think of anything else, well, ever that had this kind of a premise- and I defy you to do the same.” – Brutal Gamer

“Buzzkill is definitely something to watch. It’s a story that handles a serious topic in a great way, but is also created by lovers of comics.” – NerdSpan

“Buzzkill does not kill dark horse’s buzz, and even though I don’t think it is connected to the other Dark Horse superhero properties, if they decided to make it part of that larger universe, I think Cates & Reznicek’s creation would find itself uniquely at home. You should definitely take a chance on an original idea instead of pitching your money at some run of the mill villain-based one-shot from another company.” – Idle Hands

“It’s a new week and that means a new week of comic books! This week is a rare event, where each of us has the same comic on all of our lists,Buzzkill #1 out this week fromDark Horse.” – Graphic Policy

Buzzkill is a must-buy this week! The story is strong, the art beautiful and it’s off to a tremendous start. Dark Horse has a gem here and you would be missing out if you don’t pick this title up. This book has so much potential it’s scary. Yes, it’s that good.” – Unleash the Fanboy

“If you’re looking for something different from the norm, this is a meaningful attempt to talk about alcoholism that doesn’t commit the cardinal sin of being preachy. There’s even some over-the-top violent imagery accentuated with a few subtler touches in the artwork that add to the overall appeal of the story. These factors make Buzzkill a fantastic first issue that you should not pass up. Unlike the copious amounts of alcohol…” – Entertainment Fuse


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